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Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas Review!

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

So I finished EoS a few day ago and this is what I have to say about it:
Non-spoiler section:

This book  was awesome, tumultuous, heart-wrenching, and addictive to sum it up. For the few days it took me to read it, I was ready and willing to neglect my homework so that I could keep reading. I got QoS a few days after it came out and tortured myself then as well by finishing it ASAP and my year long wait  is over! (But its starting again now). Seeing Aelin & co. again was great. I love delving into their world and experiencing their dynamic. Sarah J. Mass did it again by trapping my attention and making me want more and more. Half of the time while reading this book, my mouth was agape. I was shouting, I was laughing, I was experiencing every emotion under the sun. Definitely give this a read and let me know how you like it!

Okay, for those of you have read Empire of Storms, lets get to it. This book was friggin' amazing and I'm pretty mad that I have to wait ANOTHER year for the finale. I'm gonna bullet point this so it doesn't look like an essay (which I was tempted to write). 
  • This book was pretty damn exciting
  • I loved that we were able to delve into the side characters even more.
  • Lysandra is the best friend a girl could ever ask for. The willingness and loyalty that she displays is astounding. she is one of the FEW people that Aelin lets in on most of her plans.
  • The multiple POV's could be slightly disorienting but its better than only hearing from Aelin. Its like having a 360 view of everything going on. It shows Sarah J. Maas' ability to switch voice and tone.
  • Let us list all the reasons why Aelin is one of the baddest bitches thus far:
  1. She can be pretty selfless when it comes to protecting the ones that she loves.
  2. Such a sacrificial martyr lamb type
  3. She is now a married woman! (Tears)
  4. She is basically a chosen one because her power in close to endless and she does not play around
  5. She is still flawed and does not always make the best choice, so she isn't too untouchable.
  6. HER ABILITY TO PLAN AHEAD AND PRACTICALLY SAVE THE DAY IS CRAZY. We didn't get a taste of this until Queen of Shadows but when she saves the day and has been working on whatever plan for weeks, I cannot help but to be blown away. The Ansel thing in the Pits? That's. Crazy. I could not stop saying "WOW". Aelin and Lys going to that temple to study the sea dragon? Genius!
  7. She figures things out ahead of time and accounts for all possible outcomes. She figured out about her death before Elena even told her! She didn't need the spirit of a past relative. And she accounted for it to make sure that Terrasen was well guarded and had heirs.
  • I liked that when she went to Terrasen and was not welcomed with open arms. I assumed she would go to Terrasen to an abandoned castle and just start stuff up from there. Boy was I wrong. But things couldn't be too easy on her and all those criticizing her had a point. She was mad at first but she got over it and knew she had to be the queen that her country deserved. She likes challenged anyway.
  • Manon! What's up girl!? I love her so much. I knew she had a kind heart once she accepted Abraxos. At least, she did when she wanted to. She doesn't even know most of the time why she saved Dorian or warned Aelin about Dorian still being in their despite the collar. She went against everything she was taught and basically betrayed her own kind. Especially when it came to Asterin being put on death row. She was so brave in this book as always. and Cochran heir?? Look at you go girl.
  • For Elide and Lorcan, i like it a lot. now I saw it coming a mile away admittedly. And at first I was getting some Heir of Fire deja vu. No Elide is not a princess turned assassin but you get the drift. A cold-hearted bastard finding someone that he learns to love against all odds. Too bad shes giving him the cold shoulder, for now..

Now I have read some complaints about EoS from other book lover and everyone is entitled to their opinion and no book is perfect. But I have to say:
  • Some people are very clearly letting their anger of their long time ago ships sinking cloud their judgement of the book. Was I teal Chaol for the first two books and half of the third? Yeah. But I hated the way he treated her in QoS and how judgmental he was. But don't let the fact that she never has been with Dorian make you hate the series. If so, stop reading.
  • I heard someone say that they feel like they can't relate to Aelin anymore. Well no duh! Last I recall none of us are heir to a throne, we can't shift into a Fae, have a Fae warrior male husband, have bomb ass fire powers, former assassins, etc. She is supposed to be slightly untouchable. But she still makes mistakes, laughs, can be an asshole, he can still be very human. She cares for people like we do and has responsibilities. 

If you read the book let me know what you think down below!!

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