Friday, July 24, 2015

Bad Language in Books

Being an avid Goodreads member and belonging to several YA groups on it, one of the topics that is being discussed is BAD LANGUAGE IN BOOKS

When I first went into this discussion I was thinking this would be mostly people ridiculing those who found is sooooo offensive.
But I was met with a jumble of different views. The three that I was greeted with most often was being completely for it because it just simply realistic (my view), seeing its purpose not feeling an abundance took away from the story, or those who were completely against it.

Now for those who didn't like too much cursing for no reason, that's just fine. I can completely understand that. It can get annoying if F bombs are just being dropped for no reason here and there.

And then when I turned to those who were not at all for it, I had to chuckle. Because I felt it to be unrealistic. If a YA novel doesn't have any swear words in it I won't feel cheated. I won't really care. 
But when it does, I feel as if it enhances the writing and then more people can connect with the story.

I'm not saying those who don't like the cursing are wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I can't judge anyone's values. But casting a book aside based upon a few measly curse words is horrid. 

Let me know what you think about this topic

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