Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Series Bucket List!

While I was at Barnes and Noble the other day I realize that even though I have read plenty of books, there are many series that I had never delved into. And there was really no reason for that at all. Something I can't quite explain. I just simply had not.

Now there are some series that I will not be finishing due to plain dislike or PEOPLE WHO SPOIL ENDINGS. NOT COOL. Story time shall we...

If a movie is based on book and I want to see it, I tend to want to have at least read it first. So then I can be angry in the theater and contemplate asking for my money back when they get everything wrong. So this applied to Divergent. I wanted to make sure I at least read the first book, if not the whole series by the time it came out. So once I finished Divergent, I noticed one of my friends holding Allegiant. So I shared with her that I just finished DIVERGENT. And then she goes on to say  (Spoiler)"Oh, that's great! Tris dies." I almost threw her and the book off the bus I was on.
A similar story happened regarding the Hunger Games. Now could I have gone on anyway despite these spoilers? Mhmm. But I just saw no point. The fun had been taking out of finishing those series.

Also in this category is the Selection series. The way this was spoiled for me was in the funniest way. Epic Reads YouTube channel depicted the entire series, book by book with, get this....Barbie Dolls (Most Popular Girls cred). HILARIOUS

annnddddddd here you go

Two series that I won't finish are the Beautiful Creatures and the House of Night series. Beautiful Creatures was another book that I wanted to read before the movie came out. And I actually really liked it. I mean I didn't worship it, but I was going to continue to the next book. But after reading the summary of Beautiful Darkness, I foresaw the impending doom of the series. I decided to stop while I was ahead in the game. Same for the House of Night. I loved Marked. I thought it was interesting and I like the concept. But I could tell I would grow wary of the series and end of not liking it anymore.


Once I finish the Throne of Glass series I am going to basically binge on all the series that I have been interested in but just never read. I feel like I will be more connected to the blogging world after this. I can't participate in many male/female elimination games. I don't understand many relationship references either.
So, without further ado my series bucket list is as follows:

  • Shatter Me Trilogy
  • Delirium Series
  • Lux Series
  • Mara Dyer Trilogy
  • Lunar Chronicles
  • Ruby Red Trilogy
  • Grisha Trilogy
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

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