Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Wrap Up + September TBR

Another month has come and gone and its time for me to pile even more books into my TBR lists

Books I finished in August:

So because of moving back to school, and life in general, I did not get very many books done at all. And its terrible. But I really enjoyed bother of these books and plan on continuing them soon.

 Book I'm currently reading:

I wanted to be done with this before Queen of Shadows came out! But mine just shipped today so I still have a few days before I have the book! :)

September TBR:

(Drum Roll Please)

 Finally it's here!!! Even though I haven't finished HoF, I'm still excited!
I'm also excited to get all of my buttons for pre-ordering it a few weeks ago. So everyone on my campus will know the wonderfulness that is Throne of Glass .
No more countdown widget :/

Considering Winter is coming out this year and I've always wanted to read this series, why not now?! I got it in a book haul a week or so ago. So my best friend and I have decided to buddy read it, so I will probably have to go back and forth between this and Queen of Shadows

I am so excited for this book! I feel like I will love this
I haven't read anything of Leigh Bardugo's yet, but I plan on reading the Grisha series soon

Another book I meant to read in August, but oops. In my mind, as long as I'm on the second book by the time the TV series starts, I'll be ahead. also, I love this cover. Who are we kidding I love the covers of the entire trilogy.


  1. Wow you did better than I did in August... I only read one book! I don't even have a good excuse. You will love the Lunar Chronicles I'm reading Cress right now...it amazing. I also just discovered the Throne of Glass books and I'm obsessed.. I'm almost done Assassin's Blade and cannot wait to start Crown of Midnight. Love your tbr list :)

    1. I can't wait to read Cinder! And I know the feeling of falling completely in love with Throne of Glass
      Thanks so much!